Affiliation with Hunter Clinical Research

Workplace Physiotherapy have maintained a strong working relationship with Hunter Clinical Research for many years with Workplace Physiotherapy staff being utilised within Hunter Clinical Research clinic trials.
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Hunter Clinical Research offers an efficient, professional clinical trial service and is regarded as one of Australia’s leading private clinical research sites, having completed over 40 clinical trials. Their focus is to bring new and otherwise unavailable treatments to the Newcastle area while providing exceptional patient care.


Hunter Clinical Research is the first private clinical trials site in the country to have ISO9001 accreditation and they welcome opportunities to partner with new investigators in their area. Their established network of research partners provide them with the ability to offer a range of clinical trial services and address complex protocol requirements.


Their experience and capacity to engage dedicated research management staff means that their clients receive consistent, high-quality service so the investigators and clinical staff can focus on what they do best!


To find out more about Hunter Clinical Research please visit their website or call 02 4985 1860.


Welcome to the website of Workplace Physiotherapy and Injury Management.

Workplace Physiotherapy is part of NSW’s premier multidisciplinary injury and pain management centre.

We are centrally located to the population of Newcastle, Central Coast, the Hunter, North Coast and New England Regions with our head office in Newcastle and satellite services provided throughout the regions.

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