Employer Services

Pre-Employment Assessments:

  • Inclusive of musculoskeletal and functional assessment, hearing assessment (testing undertaken from .5k-8k Hz, individual ear hearing loss percentage), binaural hearing loss percentage, vision assessment (visual acuity and colour-blind testing), and drug and alcohol screening
  • A comprehensive report detailing all assessment findings and recommendations will be forwarded to you on the same day


 Injury Prevention/ Manual Task/ Train the Trainer/Coach Training

  • Provision of work focussed and participant interactive training programs including Injury Prevention/ Manual Task/ Train the Trainer/Coach Training
  • Each program is specifically tailored to your workplace, employees and their tasks
  • Option of individual staff assessments and intervention following the training
  • Admin based training programs are now incorporating training directed at participants using multiple screens, laptop, smartphone and tablet technology


Worksite/ Workstation Assessments

  • Can be provided individually or as part of a group based training program involving injury prevention training
  • Utilising best practice ergonomic recommendations
  • Prompt completion of a detailed report with recommendations


 Existing Employee Screening/ Risk Identification Services:

  • Room-based or onsite assessment undertaken to identify current physiological and functional capacity/ deficiencies of the staff member
  • Opinion provided regarding current suitability for work duties
  • Recommendations for use of aids and equipment or treatment intervention to assist optimise work productivity and mitigate risks
  • Provision of follow up reviews to ensure appropriate development of assistive strategies 


Early Intervention (following injury) Services

  • Immediate early intervention assessment to provide a provisional diagnosis, prognosis and suitability for immediate return to work
  • Provide recommendations on initial capacity and restrictions
  • Immediate liaison with referrer
  • Ability to liaise with treating doctor if early intervention services are commenced prior to doctor assessment
  • Regular updates of progression and recommendations regarding upgrading of return to work


Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • Room-based or onsite assessment undertaken to identify current functional capacity of the staff member and suitability for work duties
  • Comparison of critical job demands, suitability for further upgrading and assistance with return to work planning
  • Recommendations for use of aids and equipment (only when necessary) to assist return to work and future risk minimisation 


Company Nominated Treating Doctor Services

  • Workplace Physiotherapy has strong links with Occupational Medicine doctors that can act as your company doctor
  • This will likely assist with clarity of medical certification, awareness of suitable duties, regular medical reviews and progression back to pre-injury duty certification

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