The Re-Engage Program

Statistics from iCare NSW have identified that almost ¼ of people with a worker’s compensation claim in NSW are influenced by social or psychological factors. It is known that the longer people are away from work, the greater the risk of social isolation and development of further mental health issues which can then additionally delay the resumption of work.

There is an increasing body of evidence to advocate the role of social prescribing/ community re-engagement for workers who have been off work for a period of time 1-4. The evidence suggests that through the development of additional skills and strategies and then with utilisation of a graded exposure approach, initially in non-threatening environments, the worker can be greatly assisted with the confidence and motivation to resume work.

The Re-engage program educates and encourages the worker to gradually resume normal life activities within a social and community-based context. The program focuses on a module-based learning and practical approach contingent on the patient’s needs, encouraging social/ community reintegration and mitigation of barriers that may impede this.

The consultations will be undertaken at locations most productive to the worker and may include meeting in their home, local park, shopping centre or cafe. The program is run by highly experienced allied health providers who have significant experience with managing workers with persisting pain and will compliment all concurrent clinical treatment.

Topics addressed can include:
• Understanding your injury, drivers of pain and pain behaviour and factors that lead to activity avoidance
• Understanding other factors that contribute to reduced social interaction/ community engagement
• Developing strategies to allow for the resumption of and ensure consistency of activity
• Understanding the impact that general health, sleep and diet have on recovery and mental health
• Identifying factors that may contribute to setbacks and developing a plan to address these
• Developing a graded exposure approach to social interaction/ community engagement
• Developing of a vocational context to the social interaction/ community engagement

The program is available to all workers in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Workplace Physiotherapy on 4985 1808

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