Our Staff

Consultant Physiotherapists
David Elvish – Managing Director
– 33 years experience with work-related musculo-skeletal injuries.
– Completed two post-graduate Masters Degree.
– Appointed an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant with SIRA NSW since 1997.
– Appointed as an APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist in 2018.
– Has been a committee member of the NSW branch of the APA Pain Group since its inauguration in 2015.
– Completed a literature review titled ‘The relevance of exercise prescription for lower back pain’.
– Presented at various conferences and courses on the prevention and management of work-related injuries.
– Undertakes regular training to peers and agents.

Lisa MacPherson
– Has 33 years experience with work-related activity and pain management programs.
– Has completed a Masters of Pain Management.
– Appointed as an APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist in 2018.
– Strong interest in understanding the importance of psychosocial intervention during physical conditioning programs.
– Appointed as an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant with SIRA since 2002.

Scott Peisley
– Strong interest in musculoskeletal injuries who has been practicing in general, sports and work-related injuries for approximately 8 years.
– Strong interest in providing functional strength and conditioning treatment to rehabilitate workers and the general public.
– Has completed the following courses:
# Spinal level 1
# Sports level 1
# Paediatrics level 1
# Occupational health physiotherapy lv 1
# Dry needling Lv 1
# Functional movement screen lv 1
# Strength and conditioning coach Lv 1

Joel Irvine
– Has 8 years of experience in treating general musculoskeletal, sports and work-related injuries.
– Credentialed practitioner in Mechanical Diagnosis & Treatment.
– Post-graduate qualification in headache and spinal treatment.
– Strong interest in providing education and exercise prescription to rehabilitate a variety of injuries and conditions.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists
Kristy Stone
– Experience in workplace assessment and application of work related activity programs.
– Advanced knowledge in acute musculoskeletal injury management.
– Extensive knowledge and experience in chronic pain management programs.
– Knowledge and program design for chronic disease intervention.
– Extensive experience and development of group exercise programs.
– 19 years experience in Hydrotherapy intervention.

Ms Kylie Bailey
Ms Leigh Murray

Other Network Team Members
A/Prof Marc Russo – Specialist in Pain Medicine
Dr Willem Volschenk – Specialist in Pain Medicine

Dr Cillian Suiter – Specialist in Pain Medicine
Dr Pek Ang – Psychiatrist

Administrative Staff
Kelly Knight
Nicole Leatherbarrow
Lynette Weber
Catherine McGee
Nikola Oultram

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