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Our Team

Our Team

Consultant Physiotherapists

David Elvish

Managing Director

  • 33 years experience with work-related musculo-skeletal injuries.
  • Completed two post-graduate Masters Degree.
  • Appointed an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant with SIRA NSW since 1997.
  • Appointed as an APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist in 2018.
  • Has been a committee member of the NSW branch of the APA Pain Group since its inauguration in 2015.
  • Completed a literature review titled ‘The relevance of exercise prescription for lower back pain’.
  • Presented at various conferences and courses on the prevention and management of work-related injuries.
  • Undertakes regular training to peers and agents.

Lisa MacPherson

  • Has 33 years experience with work-related activity and pain management programs.
  • Has completed a Masters of Pain Management.
  • Appointed as an APA Titled Pain Physiotherapist in 2018.
  • Strong interest in understanding the importance of psychosocial intervention during physical conditioning programs.
  • Appointed as an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant with SIRA since 2002.

Scott Peisley

  • Strong interest in musculoskeletal injuries who has been practicing in general, sports and work-related injuries for approximately 8 years.
  • Strong interest in providing functional strength and conditioning treatment to rehabilitate workers and the general public.

Has completed the following courses:

  • Spinal Level 1
  • Sports Level 1
  • Paediatrics Level 1
  • Occupational Health
  • Physiotherapy Level 1
  • Dry Nedling LeveL 1
  • Functional Movement Screen Level 1
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1

Joel Irvine

  • Has 8 years of experience in treating general musculoskeletal, sports and work-related injuries.
  • Credentialed practitioner in Mechanical Diagnosis & Treatment.
  • Post-graduate qualification in headache and spinal treatment.
  • Strong interest in providing education and exercise prescription to rehabilitate a variety of injuries and conditions.
Our Team

Accredited Exercise Physiologists

Kristy Stone

  • Experience in workplace assessment and application of work related activity programs.
  • Advanced knowledge in acute musculoskeletal injury management.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in chronic pain management programs.
  • Knowledge and program design for chronic disease intervention.
  • Extensive experience and development of group exercise programs.
  • 19 years experience in Hydrotherapy intervention.
Our Team


Dr Kylie Bailey

Ms Leigh Murray

Ms Elise Rowland

Ms Bernadette Harris

Ms Natasja Worsley

Our Team

Other Network Team Members

A/Prof Marc Russo

Specialist in Pain Medicine

Dr Willem Volschenk

Specialist in Pain Medicine

Dr Cillian Suiter

Specialist in Pain Medicine

Dr Pek Ang


Our Team

Administrative Staff

Kelly Knight

Nicole Leatherbarrow

Lynette Weber

Catherine McGee

Nikola Oultram

Eve Boyle

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