Assessment Services

Acute Physiotherapy Assessment:

The assessment involves a review of the acute injury and implementation of appropriate evidence-based interventions.  The assessment will:

  • Assist in a prompt diagnosis
  • Review the appropriateness of or guide medical certification
  • Provide recommendations regarding specialist or investigative/ imaging referral
  • Gain an understanding of critical job demands required for resumption of pre-injury duties
  • Provide information regarding injury recovery, reassurance and prompt resumption of all activities
  • Immediate establishment of workplace and home self management strategies
  • Early screening for psychosocial and environmental barriers to the RTW process

Physiotherapy treatment is generally only advocated in the first 6 weeks following which time the worker is transferred into a program stream depending on the level of associated factors.  A same day initial appointment and report guarantee is provided to our key customers.

Exercise Physiology Assessment:

Where clear activity upgrading approaches are required direct progression to an Exercise Physiology initial assessment can be undertaken.

Musculo-skeletal Assessment:

Recommended for workers between 3-26 weeks post injury when strong signs of recovery are not evident, minimal upgrade of the Certificate of Capacity has occurred and modest-moderate psychosocial barriers are suspected or have been identified.

Multidisciplinary Pain Assessment:

Recommended for workers from 26 weeks onwards when significant psychosocial barriers appear to be impeding the upgrading of activity tolerances and resumption of work duties.  The assessment involves a two hour assessment by a Clinical Psychologist and a Physiotherapist.

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