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Prevention of fatigue and insomnia in shift workers
Excessive fatigue and insomnia are common among shift workers. Shift work has been shown to lead to physical and psychological disorders due to the desynchronisation of the biological clock. Reduced…
The impact of shift work on psychological and physical health
Shift work is common over a variety of industries. Concern has been raised as to the health impacts both physiologically and psychologically associated with the regular altered routines of shift…
Efficacy of a workplace relaxation exercise program
Neck pain is common and leads to a high rate of work disability. There is a high prevalence of widely reported tension type headache and migraine, both episodic and chronic…
The Relationship between overactivity and opioid use in chronic pain: a 5 day observational study
Research supports the short term efficacy of opioid use for pain relief. With the increasing use and prescription of opioids for individuals with chronic non cancer pain there is yet…
Does Fear Avoidance Beliefs Affect Physiotherapy?
Does fear avoidance beliefs affect physiotherapy exercise based program outcomes in chronic low back pain? Chronic low back pain is an ongoing and costly problem in both the developed and…
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